CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY, and NLPin Market Harborough

YOGA is more than just an exercise. It makes the body stronger and more flexible, calms the mind and helps to reduce stress. We do this by coordinating the breath with movements and with relaxation. The physical and mental benefits of YOGA, MEDITATION and MINDFULNESS are multiple. Combining these benefits with the positive outcomes of CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPY and NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING can be life altering. Why not come and find out.....

For information on; Class details and structure; Workplace Stretch and Relax sessions; the Positive Changes 8 week 1-1 course, then please scroll down.

To book, and for new student registration forms contact Nicola on;

Call/text;- 07870960289

Email;- griggn@gmail.com

Facebook;- Hatha Yoga in Market Harborough with Nicola@OmButterfly

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Hatha Yoga classes in 2019 at £7.50

Mondays 2.00 pm (mixed ability) Can & Will studio, MH Rugby club.

Tuesdays 6.45 pm (mixed ability) Little Bowden School, Scotland Road.

  Tuesdays 8.00 pm (mixed ability) Little Bowden School, Scotland Road.

Wednesdays 11.00 am (mixed ability) Can & Will studio, MH Rugby club.

Fridays 10.15 am (mixed ability) Can & Will studio, MH Rugby club/ Paint Pottle, St Mary's Road.

1-1 mindfulness and psychotherapy sessions for stress, anxiety and depression

by appointment.

HATHA YOGA is the most traditional form of Yoga movements. OmButterfly classes consist of;

COMPOSURE AND BREATHING TECHNIQUES- Allowing students to rest their minds of worry and to bring oxygen to the whole body.

LIMBERING- To gently warm the muscles and prepare for the main part of the class.

POSTURES- Yoga ASANAs are demonstrated and explained before being performed with easier and harder options always given.

RELAXATION- The class is drawn to a close by resting and relaxing the muscles after having stretched them, and also calming the mind. We use the imagination to achieve this.

Workplace Stretch and Relax sessions

Look after employees mental wellbeing with a weekly gentle stretch and guided relaxation. These sessions are suitable for any place of employment with a workspace available at lunchtimes or after work (ie hospitals, offices, schools), and are charged per session rather than per student.

8 week Positive Changes course.

 A course to gain clarity for pushing past your problems, be it with career, relationships, phobias or habits that no longer serve you.  If you're struggling to make positive changes in your life, incorporating just small amounts of mindful awareness on a daily basis can help you. 

To make any change in our lives requires action, so these 1-1 courses are only for those willing to commit to implementing simple and easy strategies at home after attending a 60-90 minute session with me per week for 8 weeks. 
These are bespoke courses tailored to meet your specific needs using a variety of scientifically proven techniques from (but not limited to), Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neuro-linguistic programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Nutritional and dietary advice and Cognitive behavioural therapy.
If you're wanting (and willing!), to make positive changes, then please get in touch.

   "Still feeling incredibly relaxed after spending

the day with Nicola in beautiful surroundings and with

some lovely people. Never would have thought that yoga

could have such a positive impact on me." Claire, Nurse.

"Just what I needed today, a complete de-stress."

Tracey T, Teacher.

"Thanks Nicola for a perfectly chilled day of yoga and

meditation. Complete with a delicious lunch which I

shared with some lovely people,in super

surroundings." Tracey M, Designer.


About Nicola.

I was introduced to Hatha Yoga in the mid 90's and my own personal practice has been since then (including during pregnancy). As my children grew older, they started joining in with my practice and I developed a passion to teach.  I loved every minute of my training with the British School of Yoga and I qualified to teach Hatha Yoga in August 2012.

As well as my independent classes, I continue to work with local charities and councils teaching Yoga and mindfulness meditation for positive mental health.

I've recently qualified in  Advance Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness tuition, Neuro-linguistic programming and clinical hypnotherapy  and I'm currently studying childrens yoga. I continuously study the Yoga Sutras as part of my personal practice.

I firmly believe that the mindfulness of Yoga and meditation can benefit all...whatever age, whatever ability and whatever walk of life.